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JDP Immigration

We have over 20 years of operation, and our attorneys have at least that amount of years of experience. If it is a matter of US immigration law, we can be of assistance. 

We arrange for a consultation to talk about the case first,  then we determine if the case is viable or not. If the case is viable we will let you know if we will take the case. 

Nothing stated on this pages creates an attorney-client relationship. Such relationship begins when a contract is signed for the services and payment is made. We charge a flat-fee for the specific service so you don't have to guess how much the matter will cost.

Your relief depends on your facts

Is the foreigner inside US?

We say foreigner since the person with immigration issues is not from USA. 
The solutions are different, depending on the method and time of entry of the person.
Usually the immigration agency in USA works with this type of case. They usually require more evidence even if filed perfectly. These cases can take some time, depending on what is requested.

Is the foreigner outside US?

We say foreigner since the person with immigration issues is not from USA. 
If the foreigner is outside the USA, in another country, then the case is usually processed via consular processing. 
These cases take longer, and must be close to perfect, with all the evidence, when filed. Otherwise, the mistakes delay the case significantly. Rarely they process cases fast.

Is there Immigration Court?

The Immigration Court determines if to remove the foreigner or not, and if it can be released from detention with Bond.
These cases are complicated and require strict compliance with the law and rules. 
In Court you can request for remedies that allow you to stay in USA and not be removed.

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JDP immigration was created on 2004, after years of experience working on immigration matters. At present we have various attorneys that represent the clients on their cases, and a staff that has at least a decade of experience on immigration matters. 
We are not a new office, with new attorneys dealing alone with your case. We are not a giant office either, where you see a different lawyer every time, or you are treated as if it was a fast-food location. 
We never take more clients than we can handle. And we we always do our best to have an attorney answer your questions once you are a client.   
In our hands, your case will flourish. 

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We take clients in by appointment only.

We will not take walk-ins until November and we will announce
the dates and times when that time comes.
You can visit our Facebook, or arrange a payment for
services if a client, using the links on the right. 


Hours Mon/Lun - Fri/Vie 10AM-5PM

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